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How To Be A Freelancer (eBook)

Dec 18, 2007


You may remember yesterday that I mentioned about How To Be A Rockstar by Freelance Switch. This post is just going to be a summerizing post about the book which I failed to mention about yesterday.

The book (with one of the best names ever) is all about the introduction into freelance work. Freelance work is all about working for yourself by getting work all on your own. This is also known as self employment but freelancing sounds so much cooler. It goes through all of the different the topics on Freelancing from beginning to end. There is 11 chapters of pure goodness.

Its written by the chaps over at Freelance Switch and PSDtuts. I'm going to order mine soon (paypal funds need to clear first) and I can't wait to get reading it. It has received some positive reviews from what I have been reading so I can't wait to get into it.

If you want to visit the sales page for ever so slightly more information you can find it here, if you want to directly buy it with out all this waiting and reading you can go directly to the paypal website where i've lifted the URL, its found here. It is $29 which is a bargin, I have seen eBooks priced way higher than this and a lot worst in quality.

They are soon going to bring out a book about wordpress, I haven't used wordpress but it is probably as good as this one. Please leave a comment of what you think, i'm interested in your opinions.