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Pixelmator Is Here.

Sep 26, 2007


Photoshop is a great program but it may have a competitor in the cheaper market. This new cool looking program is called Pixelmator and is availble for $59 and it could compete with the big daddy that is Photoshop.

Why is it so cool. It just seems for graphically oriented. For example it uses the GPU instead of the CPU to do the graphics rendering. This has its push and negative points but generally runs well on my Mac Book Pro, and is very is responsive.

Pixelmator If you case above it uses black a lot. Thats the drag and drop installation of the program. I fyou look below you get the welcome screen. It is normally a lot darker, but taking the image seems to have changed what the image looks like.

Generally it looks good and is fun to use. You can see the darkness of all the palettes that the program has to offer. It is quick and simple to use but like any new programs it is new so there are some bugs.

Pixelmator The above image didn't take me long to do. Although it is a bit rubbish it is fun to work with so I might give it a try. You can find it here on Pixelmators website.