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Why Do eBook Sites Look So Bad?

Jun 9, 2007

You see them all over the web. Sites offering eBooks, that are of decent quality but are always let down from the type of website people land on. For example most of these eBooks are from Click bank.

Below is examples of these types of websites.

World Of Warcraft Joanas 1-70 Horde Guide

World Of Warcraft Joanas 1-70 Horde GuideYou can click for a full versions, or visit this link here. The problem with this website is that it is a whole website on one page. For example, there are testimonials, product review, etc. What could be done is split up the page into small sub pages, pretty much like a normal website.

This product may be the best in the world, and probably is since many people have reviewed it and said its worth the money. But the website, in my opinion lets it down, and is a real bandwidth hog for dial up users.

How To Write Your Own eBook

Again another ebook on the web which is probably a great download. Click the image for a full version or visit the full website here.

How To Write Your Own eBookAgain another really long page with no other links than a buy page and other minor pages that have no real value to the eBook.

The problem with this like the one is that it is to long. The result of this is that a person has to scroll a long way down before they get to a buy link. These probably results in a lot of lost sales as people give up on the page before they get to the bottom of the page.

Ultimate Gold Guide

Another World Of Warcraft eBook, I Like WOW, this is similar to the websites above but a lot better.

Ultimate Gold GuideYou can visit the website here. All though not that good because it has all the information on one page, it is shorter and a bit more specific.

All these websites could easily be improved if they added more links, create a more of a navigational system.

To summarize why these websites are not the best in the world.

  • They offer all there information on one page.
  • Hard to read some of the text.
  • Complicated layouts, to much information.
  • Background music (only on some)
Finally, I no that some of these products are good, and I would seriously suggest you should buy them if you think they would help you out.

Till next time, Good Bye.


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