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Cool Icons Of The Web 2.0 World

Jun 11, 2007

Every time you visit a business or some times blogs website most of the time they have and eye catching logo or banner. These are know nowadays as web 2.0 logos. 2.0 being the second generation of the internet after the .com bust.

Below is a selection of the best Web 2.0 logos which I thought were some of the best out on the intertubes.

Website Grader

Website grader
One of favorite websites at the moment this logo is a real star at what can be done to show how cool a logo can be.


9 rulesAnother cool logo, this one with a background image and plenty of colour, nothing is worst than a dark monotone logo.

Camp fire nowCamp fire is business chat for groups, or so the description says. This logo is a top job for making something look interesting.

Designers Mind

Designers mindOne of my favorite design blogs, and this logo certainly does the website justice.

Veerle's Blog

 Veerle blog
An amazing website with a striking logo. Its one to be proud of.


 PandoThis websites the features of 3D and shading more than the previous, a very interesting logo.

sponge cell
Probably one of the only web 2.0 that utilizes, and object into there logo name. Again, funky looking and a great logo.


What makes a striking logo is always little widgets or vector art that is used to add more interest to the text. The little colors and circles make this logo stand out.


PingoatOne of my favourite websites at the moment on the internet. This logo is fun and interesting to look at.

If you found any more cool looking web 2.0 logos, or want to share your views please leave a comment below.


Dharmesh said...

Thanks for the compliments on the Website Grader logo.

Just a quick request: The link to is not working (it needs to be fully qualified and entered as

Dharmesh Shah

James Powell said...


I've changed the URL, error on my part.

A really cool website you have.