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Must Have Mac Icons

Jun 1, 2007

You love your Mac and you want to customize it with out hacking it to pieces, of course the next step is to add some kick ass icons to customize your layout. Present in the list is the must have Macintosh icons to pimp out your desktop. Of course this is not a definitive list and is in no particular order, but are definitively improvements over the native interface.

All of the icon packs can be downloaded in one big pack here.

1) Blend

This is one of a my personal favorites, if you want to more more of a black look out on folders and drives then this is a must have.

2) Application Folders

This icon pack is probably the most used icon pack on my Mac at the moment. It just adds another layer of detail to folders. A must download.

3) Tiger Folders

Although similar in style (Ok, there exactly the same style) these are a bit different and fill in the gaps that the previous collection missed out.

4) External Drives

A very glossy, web 2.0 icon style that looks cool when used for external drives.

5) Hard Drive Icons

This is probably the best Mac icon set for hard drives, there is so much style. A must.

6) African Stamps (Massaimara)

Bored of Mail's Icon, these are a definite replacement, African stamps that improve your dock over and over.

7) Finder

Is your normal Finder getting boring, some of the icons in this set truly make your dock stand out.

Hopefully you will be abble to pimp out your make in style now. Have fun, and leave a comment.

You can download all of the icon sets here.