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iCal Replacement Icon Sets

Jun 2, 2007

I, as usual, have been searching around the web for icons. See my previous post, for the cool icon sets that a Mac use must have.

This time it is different icon sets for iCal. The icons are different variants of the original layout. Included are blue, green, orange and red. These icons can be used for all types of applications, such as the date in the top left corner (A regular feature from now on) .

Each set contain, one for every day of the year , plus ones that don't exist. (February 31st anyone).

As well as this there is also a blank set, to customize as you need.

You can download the whole pack here.


Blue, Green, Orange, Red Full set.
Blank Icon of Blue, Light Blue, Green, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Red.

The original creators website is located here.

Edit: These have now been changed.