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Adding Adobe Kuler Into Photoshop

Feb 6, 2008


If you are not familiar of Adobe Kuler it is a website which lets you find, rate and download colour themes. It is very similar to COLOURlovers. This post is going to be about a little application that you can install on your Mac so you can get access to these colour schemes. Its called Mondrianum and it is a small application.

Download and install the application from the website.

Once it has worked its magic, go into Photoshop's preferences. This is probably similar to any other application and would probably work in Illustrator etc. In preferences in the general tab change the colour picker to Apple.

When you select a colour in the normal way you will be presented with these icons. It you click on the icon on the far right this will load up the kular app and let you use Adobe Kuler.

You can scroll through and find the types of colour schemes you want. Very simple.

If you want to download a colour scheme you click the small icon and select the appropriate icon. At the current versions there isn't a direct method to enable you to load the colour directly.