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HavenWorks - The Worlds Best Designed Website

Jan 5, 2008


I've meant to do this post for a long while, it was only recently by looking through my post-it notes have I remembered to do it ( I should have used a task manager). This little website gem is probably one of the worst design websites on the internet. I was being sarcastic by the title if you haven't realized. HavenWorks, I think, by the massive amount of information on one page, is about something to do with politics especially stuff about elections.

To make this post longer and to point out the fact that there is many areas that could be improved, I will do a short list of the problems with HavenWorks.

1) It seems to be one page. There might be more, there is slightly to many links to find out.
2) They clearly don't have a sidebar. Many web design guru's would be having a fit.
3) Slight over use of web safe colours. People monitors, I think, can cope with the 16 million colours that are available.
4) Overuse of mini-icons.

Anyway, enough bashing of HavenWorks. This post was design to be a little light comic relief. Below is attached an image of the website. I wanted to do the whole page using screen-grab, but for some reason it never wanted to save. The page must have been to large.


Brambori said...

You're absolutely right. I followed to the link to the site and was immediately shocked... Even a 9-year old kid would have done better.

James Powell said...

I love it, I think it is really funny.