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Elite By Design - A Website To Check Out

Jan 9, 2008

Hey There

While search the internet I came across this cool website Elite By Design. It is a simple website, updated regularly, which gives you loads of different tips and tricks, on nearly everything. I like visiting it, I have found some really cool tricks from viewing the articles he has written. It is a really clean website and I think it is great. He also wrote about me, so its good to return the favor.


Elite By Design said...

Hey James, thanks so much for the links back! Much appreciated. Hopefully we can keep working together :)

Just a quick question, could you change the anchor text of to just Elite By Design? Not a big issues, just a little google thing I have :P

James Powell said...

Yeah sure no problem.

Grant said...

yea it is elite by design is fit to help both designer and promoters.

James Powell said...

Thats a great little website thanks.