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New Design Has Been Created

Dec 29, 2007

Hey There

I have finally finished the design for this blog. It took a lot longer than I planned but I have nearly got it perfect. There are a couple of problems that need to get ironed out but it is nearly done. As a result either tonight or tomorrow i'll install the new design. As usual there will be some problems. So lets serve this as an advance warning if things look a bit screwy.

If any problems do crop up, then you can just leave a comment in this post or any others. Its taken me a while to complete so I hope you guys like it.


Tom said...

Very Cool I can't wait to see it.

James Powell said...

I've nearly done it now.

Arjan said...

Hi, looks nice, but it feels to much like!

James Powell said...

Thanks. It does a little bit. I've not visited webdesignerwall. I think the paper thing is very popular.