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How To Use Bought or Downloaded Vector Files

Nov 26, 2007


A couple of days ago I mentioned how you use downloaded vector files. For a new user into buying and user vector files this can be an "interesting" experience. I am going to show you what you get and how to effectively use them.

I am going to use an example from Go Media. They are great vectors and from my stats I can see that many of you have bought them. I hope you enjoy your purchases. Anyway if you head over to the free section you can download a sample file. This is the one I will be using for the mini tutorial.

What you get when you download the file is a .eps file. This is a file that can be read and wrote to from all vector packages (even photoshop can do it). Its not application specific so you shouldn't be tied down, unless you have a really old software. Each of the sets you buy will have a seperate file named appropriately.

When you open the file you get all of your vectors. My version of illustrator comes up with a text warning, usually you can skip the warnings because what you want is the vectors and not the fancy text.

The vectors you buy will come a bit like this. Each one is placed on the sheet read for you to use.

Using the vectors is quite simple. You simply select the one you want with the selection tool (Black arrow (V)) and copy to the clipboard. There is no need to place the file in a special folder or configure you software to read the file in any way. You just get the vector you want and you can be on your way. Super simple.

Some general tips.

Save a back up of the file. Always do this. Some sites only let you download the vector file once, may be twice. If you don't have a backup and you delete the vector off the file you are screwed.

If possible set the file to read only. This can usually be done by right clicking. Enabling read only is similar to having a backup, you are less likely to change it.

All in all vector files which you download are very simple to use. They are read to be used and can be applied straight away.

If you have any comments, problems, tips or tricks please leave a comment below.