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The General Stuff - Re-Design ?

Nov 16, 2007

Hey There

This post is more of an update than anything else. Currently we are growing in visitor numbers. This is great, I always like more visitors, although usually more visitors are harder to please. If anybody does have a comment please leave a post, I usually always respond to them.


I've been thinking. I've had this blog now for a couple of months and its turned out to be a success in my mind. But I am currently a bit bored of the graphic layout. At the moment it is one of the default styles for blogger. When I chose the design I didn't have much experience in blogger or website design. This has changed. As a result I want to make a better and more professional looking site. As a result slowly over the next coming weeks I am going to redesign the site to look better. It shouldn't be to major. I will still keep posting every other day (I have a good rhythm now).

If you have any design ideas, please leave a comment.