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Feed Troubles

Nov 29, 2007


This is just quick update about the RSS feed. At the moment i've changed it over to Feedburner so I can have all the advance statistics. Currently blogger doesn't let me have this opportunity so I decided to change. As a result its screwed a couple of things over and its not updating fully at the moment and a couple of other problems that need to be worked out.

Currently i've changed the post feed to short for the time being so a couple of things might look a little screwed up. I'm sorry, I will be changing it back in the next couple of days when it gets sorted. In the mean time you can always check back at the home page. for the latests posts.

I will give another update when i've sorted the feed business out. Hopefully in the next couple of days I will have a site design away from the default scheme. I've got all of the layout planned i'm in the process of implementing it on my test blog. Stay tuned because it will be awesome.