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Cool Places For Illustrator Vectors

Sep 6, 2007

I've dabbled in Illustrator for a bit and it is one cool program. One of the defining points with this program is, of course vectors. But there most be some places on the internet where you can get really cool places to get cheap or free vectors to use in you work. Work of the highest quality is a must.

Place number one is Bitbox. One of my favourite blogs for design. The guy who runs the show has made up some cool vectors which you can download all for yourself. How nice. Anyway one of my favourite vectors that he has made is the Modern Arrows (Pictured Below) you can download it here and you can find the rest by searching through his site as it is always updated with new vectors which you can download.

The second place that is really cool for vectors is Vecteezy. Home of the stupid name cool vectors there are some amazing vectors that are located here. They are all free (like the previous one) and range in quality to the OK may be if i'm bored to the super cool I can't believe this is free. So if you want to check out this site it is certainly worth it.

The next one on the list is one of my favourite places for buying materials for both Illustrator and Photoshop and this is Graphic Xtras. They offer hundreds of different materials which you can download for a small charge. For example for $15 or £9 you can get this (tinyied because its breaking my input mechanism) really cool little pack that contains 13 high impact designs which you can use to create thousands of designs (one shown below). Although you get them free this is the place to get the ones at top quality.
If you want to splash out you can always pay some proper money for 25 Volumes of thousands of professionally vectors. There price reasonably at $90/£60 so if you want some pro vectors to use in you work this is the place to get them. They are available for Mac and PC respectively.

Ok, the next site is another of my favourite design sites which offers again some free vectors. There are hundreds of different vectors which you can download. The site is called Web Design Blog and like many sites it is all about design. If you want to sample the vectors which you can use you can find them here.

If you have been on the internet at all you have probably heard of one of the top places for arty stuff. A bit like Vecteezy they vary in quality but you can find some really cool stuff on there. So if you hunt around and search you should be able to find some cool vectors which you can use. Nearly all are royalty and other stuff free. So go to here to check them out.

If you find any more cool sites to download vectors please post them in the comments.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be posting links to web design blog if I were you. That guy is just buying from istock and posting them for free which is stealing from the original artists and against iStocks Terms of use.

James Powell said...

really how do you know that