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The Best Place To Get Photoshop Shapes

Sep 11, 2007


As you may know by looking through this website I like to use Photoshop and good graphic design tools. One of my favourite parts of Photoshop is the ability to use shapes to drag into any project that I am using. For example with the use of the pen tool I can create and vector image with the shape as a starting base. I search the web constantly to find more shapes to fill in my collection (I have hundreds already). I think I have found the best place to buy high quality shapes. When I mean high quality these are the best in the world. The guy who created these must have far to much time on his hands. They are just superb. Anyways I will show you a couple of the best examples which I have manged to acquire from him.


Flames are great if you really want to add some fire to your Photoshop work or if you want the interesting curves that flames make. If you move you eyes over to the left you can see an example of how many shapes you can get. Please note that there are over 120 all different shapes which you can use to your advantage. If you look below you can see an example, it is the one I quickly made and added some Web 2.0 style gradients into the mix.

If you want to buy these, which I suggest you seriously consider since these are amazing you should visit the Graphic Xtras buy page. They are only $6, £4, or €5. You can get them here. Splash out. They are availble to both Mac and PC's and are really simple to install. If you want to find more information about them you can go to the product description at the bottom of the page.

Got a grinding passion for some gear shapes to use. Then again at GraphicXtra's these are the ones to buy. For example in the full pack for $10, £7 or €9 you get 150 gear shapes (I only have a limited selection shown left) . These are all different types and can be used for a variety of applications. If you want to create a document that looks like it is in progress a simple gear would be simple enough to add. There is no need to make you own and pain painstakingly make sure all the teeth on the gear look correct and lined up properly. This pack has everything you ever want. If you take a look at some of the designs I mocked up you can get an example of what is included.
Download is instant do get them here. Once again if you want to find out more scroll down to see the product details link.


Along with flames these are one of my favorites. I a twisty, curly sort of way these really stand out on a page. They sort of remind me of Hindu henna tattoos (I think?) but there is so much detail put into each one. There is 130 in the pack priced at $6, £4 and €5 respectively. That works out at only £0.03 per shape and absolute bargain. If you look down below you can see an example.

You can purchase this shape pack here.


The final pack that I am going to show to you tonight because I think it also is on of the best at the moment on the internet. This pack is called flow. A vary creative name for shapes that are warped, smudged and bent out of shape. These shapes are the ones you would use to enhance any image, provide an overlay to an image that isn't that obvious.

This is part of the mega pack of shape that is available for US $60 GBP £40 EUR €50. This pack contains 12,000 shapes which are all compatibles with Photoshop for Mac and PC. The product page can be found here.

You must agree with me that these are some really cool shapes to own. You can get all these packs separately or you can buy some of the multi packs where you get thousands of shapes for a reduced price. Some that are on offer include. The mega pack which is available for US $60 GBP £40 EUR €50. In this you get 12,000 shapes, which are pack numbers 1 thru 32. All royalty free. You can get them here.

If you don't want to pay that much you can go for one that is availble for £30, it doesn't have as many shapes but could be in you price range, this can be found here.

Finally if you are really on a budget you can still get some fantastic shapes for only £20 and equivalent. This pack is still worth it. You can get this one here.

Hopefully you find this resource one of the best about. Please leave your comments.