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Aperture Tutorials - Importing - Part 1

Aug 18, 2007

Aperture is a great pro tool for both professionals and amateurs for tweaking and organizing photographs. Having snagged a promo copy from Apple and fiddle about with it a lot, I am going to show you basic and advance tips to help you with getting the best out of Aperture. Having just been on a holiday I have lots of not so perfect photos to work with this would be a great to show you what to do. If you want to buy your copy of Aperture now is the best time. Apple have just lowered the prices. Click here to find out more.

This session is going to show you about importing photographs into Aperture and the sort of information you can add to make sure they are imported correct so you don't have to re add them at any time. For any of the image you can click on the image for a full size version.

To import pictures there are 2 basic ways, from the import button on the menu bar or from File > Import, you will then be give the options screen so you can import your photos.

Aperture Tutorials - ImportingAperture Tutorials - Importing
The option screen all gives a lot of options it is pretty simple to navigate. On the left you have the import to option. You may need to click or create a new folder or project for you photos to go in.

The middle frame is the photos that you want to import, you can usually select a folder path from the top boxes, but I am importing them directly from an external backup drive. If you only want to select a couple of images you can use the command key to select the ones you want. By default by selecting any of the image they will all be imported.

Aperture Tutorials - Importing
As you can see the directional arrow shows the import path.

Aperture Tutorials - Importing
The left hand pane shows the import options for your photos. You can keep all the defaults if you want, although you have the option of changing file names, and the EXIF data.

Aperture Tutorials - Importing
One option that should be of note is the location of the photos, you can import them to a variety of locations, the files are moved upon import.

Aperture Tutorials - Importing
Finally you can click the import all or the import x, as you have selected in the photo thumbnail pane.

Aperture Tutorials - Importing
After importing the small swirling icon in the bottom of the window will move as the files are being imported, clicking on this will give you the current status of the import.

Aperture Tutorials - Importing
After everything is done your files will be imported and you are ready to work with them.

Aperture Tutorials - Importing
The next step (due either tomorrow or in 2 days time) will show you the basic overview of the features on the main screen. Over the course of time I will delve deeper and deeper into the program. You can find more on this topic by using this URL.
The next post after this is about the Aperture Interface.