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Cool Favicons

Jul 10, 2007


You see favicons all over the web. These are the small 16 x 16 pixel images that appear in you browser address bar or your tabs. But which are the coolest on the internet.
I think these are some of the best.

Candy Stand, The Black bits don't appear on the final make up. Simple yet effective.

ClickBank, A very stylish favicon.

Digg, Appears through out there site. Simple design.

ExtraLife, One of my favourite Cartoons, the favicon is a relation to this.

Radiotimes, This icon glares out at you, simply showing the cut down version of the sites logo.

Reddit, Again using the logo for the favicon, this scales well and it instantly recognizable.

Tv Links, Again simplicity at its best another great piece of design.

World of Warcraft Guides, So much detail in such as small space. Another good icon.


Anonymous said...

You might be interested in this Favicon Gallery at favicon battle. 50.000+ favicons as voted for by the internet community. Good source for inspiration or to submit your own favicon.

James Powell said...

Cool Ill check it out.

Joel said...

There's a new favicon gallery on the web at It has lots of cool favicons too and it lets you add them yourself. Also you can search for favicons by category. It's pretty funky.