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Fridays Website - Derek's Gold Mastery Guide, The Real Way to Collect Gold

Jun 15, 2007


Each week I have brought you a couple of good websites on the internet. This week it is a turn of one of the worst. This website is the page which is been used to market a product, that is probably very good.

Click the image for the full version or click here to visit the website.

Derek's Gold Mastery Guide,  The Real Way to Collect Gold, Fridays WebsiteThere are many reasons why this website is one of the worst tainting the internet. For example it is all one page, look at the length of the image above. The entire website is a page. Normal people would have used a couple of pages, one for testimonials, one for the type of services it offers, one linking to the products description, another page linking to the authors contact address.

This of course poses a couple of problems. On a slow connection it would take an age to load. Even if you have a scroll wheel it would take you a couple of turns before you reach the bottom or the part of the content you want to read.

As well as this the page is also unordered. For example it sort of tells you the same type of information over and over again. In this case it is how much money you are going to make on World of Warcraft.

Finally since this is a product site, trying to sell the ebook offered, the "buy" links which you would expect to be major part of the visuals of the site are small and hidden at the bottom.

As a result this site could be improved many ways. For example it could be broken up into smaller pages. As well as make the font smaller easier to read. There is also a wealth of improvements that would make this site better.

Anyway, next week I will find a website that I will enjoy.