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The Top 10 Firefox Themes

May 31, 2007

Recently I brought you a post about the top 10 Firefox extensions if you want to read it its is located here.

This time I am posting about the top 10 Firefox themes. The themes improve the look and feel of Firefox. In no particular order is the Top 10 Firefox themes. All the extensions can be downloaded here. Drag onto Tools > Addons > Themes.

1) Metal Lion - VistaA real cool theme that improves on the current buttons and style of Firefox.

2) Walnut for FirefoxA different type of theme, adds a cool wooden look to the page. Interesting for a different look.

3) iFox Smooth

A great theme that improves on the look of Firefox, looking and making it feel like Mac OS X. One of my favorite.

4) Aluminium Kai 2

A rather cool theme that is futuristic, a great theme.

5) Abstract Classic

A futuristic extension similar to the one above, one of my favorite.

6) Old Factory Black
A very grungy Firefox extension, but definitely a good Firefox theme to install and use.

7) iPox

A very modern looking theme similar to the previous themes this one is worth a download.

8) Scribblies Kids
More of a funky theme for kids and adults alike. This one is great of you need to brighten up your day.

9) Ubuntu Human

Its Ubuntu, it seems to be popping up every where. Now you can get it one Firefox. A lovable theme that is definitely in the Top 10

10) Windows Vista

Finally if you want Firefox to look like Windows Vista then this is the best theme, probably one of the best themes out there.

If you want to download all of the Themes here.


Jarrod Amoore said...

How could you overlook PimpZilla.
By far the most eye-catching.
You can get the goodness here

Jarrod Amoore said...

Don't forget about PimpZilla, what it lacks in practicality it amply makes up for with tackyness.

James Powell said...

I havnt tried that one, ill put it on the list.

POida said...

I enjoy your blog James, but please do something about the spelling mistakes. it just isn't professional. I mean defiantly??? WTF? you meant to say definitely, didn't you? English isn't even my native language and it bothers me...

James Powell said...

Thanks for reading my blog.

I no my spelling is poor, I didn't do to well at that in school.

Funny though I did spell check it. Therefore to get me out of this sticky situation I will blame Blogger. Good going Google.

Thanks :P