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New Idea: Massive Mac Desktop

Feb 19, 2008


I was mulling over an idea a couple of days ago and it was about one large desktop for a Mac (I suppose Windows and Linux to). The ideas behind this is that the desktop is one large desktop but the user only sees a small proportion of it. Its very similar to spaces except you don't have to use any mouse keys to move between them.

The reason behind this is that the user can move quicker. Using the mouse near the edge of the screen the visible screen will move to a new area and preserve the old area. Its similar to moving in a 3D game. I have included an image below of what I thought.

Please leave a comment with your ideas and comments.


Anonymous said...

While it's a cool idea, I think the user could easily lose things.

Since Spaces has a set of defined areas, if you toggle through each area, you're bound to find what you're looking for.

With "One Big Desktop," it's quite possible that during a scan of the space you'd miss part of it, skipping over the window you want.

James Powell said...

There are lots of pros and cons of it. It just an idea.

Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

I suppose it's essentially what 'Spaces' is all about. I haven't tried it myself but I should as I keep losing stuff!

I've had the iMac for a few months now and I'm still getting used to using it after being a Windoze user since 3.1 but I certainly think it's worth the effort!!

Anonymous said...

I think its great, fits my style, I like having lots of apps and windows open and having lots of recent files on my desktop.
This would make in easier

Anonymous said...

This idea does exist, though not as a stand-alone program.
I changed my resolution to 1920 by 1440, and my moniter couldn't cope with it, so my desktop did pan when you moved the cursor to the edge.
Good idea though, would be nice to have it as a program. said...



oldschoolreunion said...

Great Idea

really into that.

hope one day we see it (o;