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Welcome to Great Design. This website will look at the best designs on the internet. As well as tutorials teaching you how to produce amazing designs and get good looking results.

The Top 10 Firefox Themes

May 31, 2007

Recently I brought you a post about the top 10 Firefox extensions if you want to read it its is located here.

This time I am posting about the top 10 Firefox themes. The themes improve the look and feel of Firefox. In no particular order is the Top 10 Firefox themes. All the extensions can be downloaded here. Drag onto Tools > Addons > Themes.

1) Metal Lion - VistaA real cool theme that improves on the current buttons and style of Firefox.

2) Walnut for FirefoxA different type of theme, adds a cool wooden look to the page. Interesting for a different look.

3) iFox Smooth

A great theme that improves on the look of Firefox, looking and making it feel like Mac OS X. One of my favorite.

4) Aluminium Kai 2

A rather cool theme that is futuristic, a great theme.

5) Abstract Classic

A futuristic extension similar to the one above, one of my favorite.

6) Old Factory Black
A very grungy Firefox extension, but definitely a good Firefox theme to install and use.

7) iPox

A very modern looking theme similar to the previous themes this one is worth a download.

8) Scribblies Kids
More of a funky theme for kids and adults alike. This one is great of you need to brighten up your day.

9) Ubuntu Human

Its Ubuntu, it seems to be popping up every where. Now you can get it one Firefox. A lovable theme that is definitely in the Top 10

10) Windows Vista

Finally if you want Firefox to look like Windows Vista then this is the best theme, probably one of the best themes out there.

If you want to download all of the Themes here.

Digital Wallpapers

Hey Hey

You might remember a couple of days ago I posted about wide screen wallpapers. It seemed every one liked them. So I went on the intertubes again, and this time went a bit more specific. This time they are digital art. You can download the whole pack here. Below is a sample of what I have found.

You can download the whole pack here

Wallpaper Wednesday - Monkey Business

May 30, 2007

Hey Hey

Its time for wallpaper Wednesday. This week it is time for Monkey Business. If you want more wallpapers like this see the previous post.

Click for Full version

Amazing Widescreen Wallpapers

May 29, 2007

Recently I posted about HDR Wallpapers and although i like them they are not every ones cup of tea. So I searched my hard drive and the internet to find interesting wallpapers for your desktop. Most of these are in wide screen format but will probably scale nicely. You can download the whole pack here.

Below is a sample of what is included in the 60+ in the download.

Amazing. You can download all of them here.

The Top 10 Firefox Addons

Firefox is great and there is also some amazing add ons that go with it. In no particular order the top 10 Addons. All can be downloaded here. To install just drag the file onto Firefox.

1) Download Status Bar

This Addon is one of the best because it offers ease of use when downloading files. With custom functionality it is a lot better than FireFox's built in down loader.

2) Add Block PlusThis extension is one of the best for Firefox, gives the ability to block any URL. A must have if you find adverts annoying.

3) FoxMarks

This program is some what unique as it automatically (and securely) uploads you bookmarks, which can be retrieved and used on other computers.

4) Firebug

Don't you find it annoying when you click a button and nothing happens, are a page loads incorrectly. This extension can help. It shows HTML, javascript and other errors when surfing the web. Useful to have when things go wrong.

5) Adsense Preview
Do you have Google Adsense Disorder (GAD) where you have to check your Adsense earning every 10 seconds. This extension is for you. It has the ability to automatically check how much you have earned. A very useful tool.

6) Screen Grab!
This add on gives the ability to take a image of a website, much better than a Print Screen job, you would normally have to do.

7) Grease Monkey
One of the best extensions and should be included with every release of Firefox. Gives the user scripting ability to change the why a web page works to suit you needs.

8) Tab Effect

More of a cool widget thing that improving functionality, gives cool tab transitions.

9) Colour Full Tabs

Again another extension that offers the more colour and life into Firefox. I love it.

10) Mouse Gestures

A useful extension that enables you to do mouse gestures (Duh) to do particular commands, back forward to name a few.

You can download all of the Add Ons Here

Creating a l33t Counter Strike Spray - Photoshop

May 27, 2007


This tutorial is designed in showing you how to create an l33t counter strike source spray using photoshop. But it can be applied to create any FPS spray.

For this Tutorial you will need:

You can download the source materials here.

1) The first step is to open Photoshop and create a 256 x 256 sized image. This is the optimum size which is supported by the source engine. Click to Enlarge.

2) On the background layer fill it to be black, this will the basis for the spray. Click the photo for full version.

3) The next step is to create a new thin box around the edge, use the Select > Inverse tool to create a thin box around the edge. Apply this to a new layer and fill it black.

4) The next step is to add a slight emboss to bring out the edge. Do this on the newly created layer. Click the image for the full size.

5) The next step is to use one of the vector brushes which you can download in the the pack available here. Make the brush white and add a couple of clicks to the background or new layer. Click to enlarge.

6) The next step is to add the text to the spray to make it more unique . The text used is Kremlin. You can download it here.

7) As well as this you need the Counter Strike Source Font, it is available with Kremlin in the download pack here.

8) After this add some text to the spray. Use Kremlin for your name and the CSS spray as your weapon of choice. As I like using the P90 I have opted to show that weapon, which is key "M". Use text edit or similar to find the weapon of choice.

9) Finally flatten and save out the image and import into Counter Strike Source.

10) Use it in game. Click for full version.

Some spray examples.

Click for Full Versions

You can download all the source files for this project here.

The Best HDR Wallpapers


I like HDR wallpapers, and I am always look on the look out for some of the very best, these were found on Flickr, Google Images to name a few. You can download some of the best HDR wallpapers here and here.

Below is a sample of whats included.

Download here and here. You may need WinRar which you can download here.

Creating an Impressionist Cartoon - Photoshop Tutorial

May 26, 2007


In this tutorial I am going to show you how you can create an impressionist cartoon of a teddy bear. You can click any of the images to see the full version. Or you could download the full version here.
This tutorial will need the following :

If you are ready lets begin.

Step 1)

Open Photoshop and create a suitable landscape photo. Im using a 1440 x 900 image, as this will fit my desktop.

Step Two)

Fill the background with a layer of black. As well as this select the brush that is broken up. Put this to a suitable size and blur the brush slightly. Create a new layer and slowly start to build up the image.

Step Three)

Once as you have built up your image (see mine if you need help) you can begin coloring.

Step Four)

In Photoshop create layers to use for the different elements of the images. For example skin, eyes, wall. Layer these so that the top part of the image i.e the nose if the top layer. Work down.

Step Five)

Slowly but surely building up the colors as you go along. Experiment with different shades till you get an effect that you are happy with. Again use the same brush as you did with the outline, making it look scratchy and messy.

Step Six)

One of the final steps is to do the background. Remove the black and add some cool blues or greens. Blend them as before.

Step Seven)

The final step is to show off your master piece. Flatten the image and then save it out as a bitmap. And viola you are done. Click the image below for the final version.

If you want you can download the .psd and jpg here.

There are of course improvements that could be made if I had more time. Post below what creations you have made in Photoshop.