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Dec 30, 2007

Hey There

I've got a bit fed up of Google Adsense at the moment since it isn't paying out very well. As a result I want to set up some direct advertising. It isn't going to cost the earth and I will show you a couple of funky shiny graphs and lots of maths with big numbers to try and get you to place down your hard earn money.

What You Get

All adverts on the site are 125px x 125px. The adverts are placed in two different places. At the bottom of every post or on the left hand side in the sidebar. These are priced at $10 or $15 per month respectively. There are two different places since the sidebar image is displayed on every page but the cheaper priced option only appears in the blog posts.

At the current statistics there are 38,000 page views and 24,000 visitors as shown in the image displayed below (click for the fullsize image) per month.

As a result you get a very cheap cpm (I can't work it out at the moment since my calculator has broken). For people who are interested in page rank and seo my blog is currently rated at pr 3 although I expect this to climb in the next rank update.

The Rules

There are a couple rules which you should abide by. No adult related links. I like to see this blog as family friendly. Porn is not family friendly material. Graphics should be supplied in .jpg .gif . png and .bmp. You can have animation but it should be simple and is subject to approval. I will review your website and graphic so make sure it works. There aren't many rules so try and stick to them. Payment is by PayPal and is to be paid in advance per month.

Ok Give Me The Spot

If you want to advertise on Great Design you can drop me an e-mail at prices are $10 and $15 for either a blog post advert or a sidebar advert. You can have a combined discount of $20 if you pay for both. I'll be waiting for your email. Remember its a first come first serve basis.